October 27, 2011

"Deep South" A glimpse into the marshland of the Low Country

"Deep South"
10 x 10", oil on canvas
Available for purchase. $250 click here.

A combination of palette knife and brushes were used to create this high energy landscape. You can imagine all the life scurrying beneath the grassy marsh and the gurgling water as the tide rises. I created this painting by means of using only my memory to explore light, color, composition and subject. Usually I use photos that I take for reference, I think these photos are important in my process but it is encouraging to know that my memory is strong and able to create. If you love to paint you may also enjoy art classes from online colleges.


  1. I just love your loose, colorful style. You definately capture the flavour of the South!

  2. Thank you, Thank you Linda! You have an amazing way with color yourself! I LOVE your recent painting "Autumn". Happy Painting!