November 21, 2011

Travel With Intent To Paint

I have taken two weeks to spend time with my family and friends away from my studio to my home in Montana. I had every intention of coming here to paint outside on location! It did not take but 10 seconds after I arrived into Helena's airport that painting outside on location was not going to work for me this trip. With a refreashing temp of 7 degrees and 4" of fresh snow within the first few hours of arrival I realized I was going to have to set up shop indoors. This is the view from where I am painting this trip. My mother's beautiful dinning room has transformed into my studio and my father is sweet as pie and constructed a make shift easel for me. It is nice to be home but there are mad challenges in traveling with paint. I am using turpenoid (the stuff we clean our brushes with) that I have not used before there is enough difference in the chemical make up that everything I know about painting with oils has gone to the dogs! If you are interested in art classes, check out online universities.

Thank goodness the view is GORGEOUS!

Club 47 Paintings #23 and #24
Painted on the easel my sweet father constructed for me.

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