July 9, 2011

Club 47 Painting #11 by Marissa Vogl Floral Painting

Club 47 #11
5x7, oil on panel.
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Proceeds of Club 47 paintings will be donated to Hospice. 

I am back on track and painting pieces that I enjoy looking at! Whoo Hooo!

Perhaps my dear friend Harold played a significant role in reigning in my painting skills today. Harold was my grandmothers partner and boyfriend who past away this week. Harold was in his 90's and as life  goes on so did Harold. He was not one to complain or feel badly. Harold was battling cancer and made a choice to not have chemo treatments as he did not like how the chemo made him feel. I can only imagine that he was pleasantly pleased with his life and all his accomplishments. For Harold "Father Time" was a part of life that he was willing to accept. I can only hope and pray to be so strong! Harold lived his life as many hope, he picked up his first golf club in his 80's so he could spend time with my Grandmother on the course. I only know bits and pieces of Harold's life but if he were to tell us his story it would be an engaging and amazing novel. I know enough to tell you that I admire, respect and love Harold very much. He is in good hands and great company now. 

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