July 9, 2011

Club 47 Painting #10

Club 47 #10
5x7, oil on panel.

The most difficult part of painting 47 paintings in 47 days is not finding the time to paint and produce a painting. It is coming to terms with the fact that I am not a perfect artist and I am certainty not always happy with what I produce. So I am humbly posting this painting of what is now a pair of angry, scary birds. If I were not under the gun to show what I create each day I would not post this. However my friend Liza always reminds me to not throw out any paintings as they may not be so awful to somebody else's eye. Well, I hate this painting and believe it or not there are two others that are so bad I will not be showing you. I will just have to take my losses and fall behind schedule a couple days. :)

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