June 25, 2011

Club 47 #2 Painting Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

Club 47 #2
5x7", oil on panel.
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A second take on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. My family and I LOVE Glacier! If you have not been it is the most grand and spectacular landscape you have ever experienced. The mountains and glaciers soar up into the sky forever while the most amazing colors dance in the glacial waters. The rocks in Lake McDonald are rich in siennas, reds, purples, pinks, greens, blues....basically the entire rainbow can be found in the rocks alone. The wildflowers are a sight and Oh did I mention the grizzly bears and mountain goats?!

47 paintings in the next 47 days, selling them for $47 a peice and I will donate $4.70 of each painting to Hospice.  I will personally match the amount earned from the sales of all paintings as well...Wow!

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