June 24, 2011

47 Paintings 47 Days, Hello Club 47!

Club 47 #1
5x7", oil on panel.
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Yes I have joined a few, well a lot of artist friends in a challenge called Club 47. For each artist the challenge is different some are vowing to work out for 47 minutes a day. Others are going to do 47 sit ups a day and some will be painting 47 paintings for 47 days or all of the above. All in honor of supporting each other and the challenger artist Kimberly Conrad. Kimberly is turning 47 this year and has humbly poured out her need for support and cheer. Which couldn't we all us a little support and cheer? Heck Ya! 

I accepted Kimberly's challenge and will be painting 47 paintings in the next 47 days, selling them for $47 a peice and I will donate $4.70 of each painting to Hospice.  To me this challenge is important for a few different reasons.

1. To create a beautiful new series titled "Spirit Places"...more on "Spirit Places" later.

2. To support a cause I respect and the nurses I admire...Hospice. $4.70 of each sold painting will go to a Hospice Chapter in Montana.

3. To paint 47 small paintings EVERY day for 47 days in addition to my commissions, and larger paintings, this is simply a cool challenge and very doable. Yes doable is a word, I looked it up!

4. This challenge will keep me on track to accomplish my goal of exhibiting my paintings in a second gallery somewhere in the west by the end of the summer. Hopefully I will be accepted into a gallery in Denver, CO or Montana. Even though I live in the South and LOVE Charleston, I will always call the Rocky Mountains my home and would love to take my art home. 

So please help me support Hospice and bring my paintings home! Thank You!

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  1. LOVE this idea, Marissa! I have a special place in my heart for hospice, after witnessing the amazing care my mother (and our whole family) received during the last 2 weeks of her life at the Levine & Dickson Hospice House here in the Charlotte area.

  2. Thank you Kathi! Yes Hospice is very special to our family as well. They were amazing with my Grandfather while he battled cancer. My aunt also works for Hospice in MT. I admire her and all my nurse friends!