May 23, 2011

From Thrift to Charming

We all catch a Do It Yourself episode on HGTV from time to time and think, "I could dot that." Then we buy a few materials and months later we find those materials...paint, sandpaper ect. floating around the garage from shelf to shelf. We'll Im not bragging, but definitely impressed with myself for finishing one of my many small projects. This small side table I picked up at a local thrift store. When I brought it home my husband said, "That thing is ugly, what is it?" Now he loves it! Dang, I'm good. A little sandpaper, a beautiful paint color called, Caribbean Breeze and I have a charming end table and a pop of color for my living room.

Thrift Find Before.

Bold and Beautiful End Table After.


  1. Oh I love that color Marissa really beautiful!! Bravo!

    Art by Karena

  2. Thank you Karena! It is actually Caribbean Green by Olympic found at Lowes. My new home has become my new obsession as I have always dreamed of being an interior designer to! Before and after pics of the rest of the house to follow as I design, decorate, and hunt for good deals with high style!