September 20, 2011

Paintings to Remember

As I evolve as an artist and as a person I like to take a look back and reminisce where I have been in order to count my blessings to where I have come. These are a few paintings created over a year ago which I really like and wonder where are they now. They have all sold and found a new home but I may have to repaint them soon. Of course their perspective or composition will change a bit and the color palette will transform to whatever mood I may be in that day but don't be surprised when you see some new paintings and think... "I have seen that before."

Folly Morning 12x12, oil on canvas.

Fall Morning on the Stono II
12x12, oil on canvas.

Sky High 12x12, oil on canvas.

Folly Fall Colors 5x7, oil on panel.

Today I am busy painting for the gallery Michael Mitchell in Charleston, SC and working on a few commission pieces, I am so grateful that my paintings are bringing happiness into homes across the country!

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