August 30, 2011

Still Life Oil Painting Canna Lilly And Green Apple

Club 47 #21
5x7, oil on panel.
Available for purchase $47 click here.

$4.70 will be donated to Hospice and I will personally match this donation! 

I always paint a red oxide or magenta first before applying color to my canvas. In cases like this, the red oxide appears orange and when I allow it to show thru it makes for the perfect outline of my glass vase. The majority of the background has a violet cast while I made the choice to use a brighter more cool tone around the canna lilly flower this really makes the rust colors pop. If I had used the violet around the orange petals the painting would not have as much depth or vibrance. 

You can see more work at www.marissavogl


  1. this is really lovely. I love the painterly 'planes' on the apple.

  2. Thank you so much LM! There is a lot of texture in this painting which really brings energy to the still life.