July 18, 2011

Donations Of Paintings Go To Hospice Abstract Hydrangeas

Club 47 #14
5x7 oil on panel.
Available $47, Click Here to Purchase. 
$4.70 will be donated to Hospice of Helena MT.

Florals may be the most challenging subject to paint in my opinion! In the morning and evening light flowers always have a transparent glow that is so difficult to capture. In this particular case there are hundreds of tiny petals that make up the hydrangea yet they are so soft in texture. Not to mention the depth in color of what we sometimes see as just a blue flower. There is gray, gold, blue green, gray blue green, purple, violet....ect.  So how do I convey so many colors in such a small subject and maintain a soft texture and a warm light? Honestly, I have no idea! All I can do is try, try and try again. 

I do love the colors in this painting and how it makes me feel when I look at it...
Bold, Energetic and Feminine!

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