May 4, 2011

A slight change in direction!

As I struggle to embrace blogging, yet I want to so badly...I have decided that I need to use this as a full creative journal! Yippeee! I am going to share with you more detail of who I am, what inspires me and things that bring me joy. So here we go! We recently built a home (my first time as a homeowner). I am so anxious to have it decorated floor to ceiling in a matter of minutes however we all know it is a journey and not a a product of a magical wand. You would also think that because I am a creative soul this would be an easy task...NOT TRUE! I love so many colors, styles, fabrics, surfaces, ect. that I am truly understanding why people hire interior designers, somebody to coral all of your ideas into one cohesive space. Anyway because I am who I am, I will be doing all of the decorating myself with my husband of course.

I have agonized for weeks, maybe even months over fabric for the dining room and breakfast nook. After late nights and seriously frustrating my husband I threw caution to the wind and picked one. My fabric of choice is Robert Allen's, Kiki / Azure This fabric will hopefully be my guiding light for other design decisions to come. I guess I should mention what style I am going for. I described it to a friend of mine like this.... An elegant, rustic, spanish, modern disaster. Lets just hope the word disaster ends up being replaced with something more appealing. I think it could be fantastic! Now if I can keep the eclectic bohemian in me from overrunning my project!

Robert Allen Fabric: Kiki, Azure

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  1. Bold choice! I can't wait to see what direction you take with your painting now.