April 18, 2011

Late Summer Marsh by Abstract Impressionistic Artist Marissa Vogl

Late Sumer Marsh
18x24", oil on canvas.
Available for purchase. Please contact me direct thru email, click here.

A modern and abstract view of the marsh land of the American South. This view is within the densely wooded area where black swamp water meets vibrant ferns, palms and grasses. It is a magical place especially when the light filters through the trees. You can smell the sweet warm pluff mud...I know that may not sound pleasant but once you've lived here for a year or two you learn to love it. 

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You can see more of my paintings at www.marissavogl.com


  1. Love the painting Marissa and I do miss the sounds and smells of the south!

  2. Thank you Martha! It is a beautiful, breezy sprint day here today and I just noticed my lemon tree has new blooms! Yea! It is really neat to live where you can grow things like citrus trees and hibiscus!