April 13, 2011

Oyster Bank II by Marissa Vogl

36 x 24, oil on canvas.
Available here.

This painting is a pair to Oyster Bank III, which is painted from photos I took one of our days kayaking the intercoastal waters of South Carolina. It was a cool windy day with rain off and on. I really like the gray sky against the vibrant green grasses. I use a pallete knife to create dramatic and unique "brush" strokes, which add texture to my work. I have learned to control the pallete knife to get large bold strokes or controlled fine lines. Although I do use my brushes I love how a pallete knife allows me to express emotions thru color application and a more abstract approach to a landscape.

You can see more at www.marissavogl.com


  1. I have a friend who is a very good artist, but he's very shy about his drawings. Anyway, I showed him your paintings & he was fascinated by the texture & strokes. He asked about your brushes, of course I don't know, but now I do. He wants to learn oils now..you have another fan. Ain't life grand? By the way I like your new one a lot also.

  2. Wow! I am flattered you have shared my painting with friends, Thank you!!! I do use a wash of one color on my canvas first, usually a transparent oxide red or magenta. I allow that to dry then go back and sketch in my layout and composition with the same color. This allows me to understand the values in my painting...shadows, highlights, midtones. Afterwards I use a brush to lay on some of my brighter colors (true pigment)...after that it is all pallete knife. There are many shapes and sizes, i like the triangular shape ones big and small. Gamblin makes a sketching oil paint that is easy on the wallet when practicing and just starting out. It is a very decent quality paint for the price. I hope to see your friends sketches!