March 21, 2011

Lara's Pears I

Oil on panel, 5x7

"Lara's Pears I" is an original oil, small study painting I did in preperation for a larger more abstract pear painting. Many small quick brush strokes make up large dramatic shapes in this painting. I like how such a small range in color choices can make such a large contrast in the light and darks. Also the way the lighter more minty greens shine through the strokes of periwinkle creating the illusion of light filtering through the foliage.

This painting was featured today in a beautiful online treasury titled 'Rain in the Garden'

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  1. This is a gorgeous painting! Not sure why, but I've always been partial to pears - ornamental and painted. Thanks for your comment on Claudia's interview and for following :)

  2. Thank you Jenna! I am a big fan of Claudia's her designs are unique, classy and gorgeous. Yes, I like pears to. I did not realize how much I liked them until I started painting them.