March 18, 2011

Abstract Modern Painting 'Sweet Temper'

Oil on canvas, 18x24"

This painting is simply a product of how I was feeling this day. I had been painting a different ocean inspired piece earlier in the week with many sea urchins and underwater organic things. I have also been dealing with my 16 month old daughters new found temper tantrums and out burst of unnecessary crocodile tears. She is the sweetest girl with a whole lot of spunk. I needed a mindless reprieve from all my responsibilities and planned thoughts so when I sat down to do this painting I put on some jazz and just started painting. When I stepped back to look at the results I had to laugh...because the painting really reminds me of my daughter and her sweet little temper. 

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  1. I really love the complimentary colors and the bursts of orange and red offset by the "cracked glass" of calming blue highlighted in black. The painting is warm and inviting yet shocking and vibrant with energy at the same time. Your description truly fits the painting. - Cousin Jennifer.

  2. Thank you Jennifer! I may need to keep this one, simply because of its title. Josie may appreciate it one day. :)