January 6, 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days - Day 1

"Snapper Jacks"
0il on canvas 8x8

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30 Paintings in 30 Days is a challenge by artist Leslie Saete. For me this challenge is an exercise to stay loose in my strokes and swipes and to allow myself a platform to stubble and fall as well as to grow and learn while I push myself to paint subjects outside of my comfort zone. 

February 5, 2013

Gone But Not Forgotten!

Wowsers! It has been many moons since I have posted in this blog. I can't promise I will be posting on a regular basis but I am here to say Hello and share a little bit of what I have been working on. Enjoy!

"Christmas Roses II" 
10x8, oil on canvas

"Christmas Roses" 
8x8, oil on canvas

"Study of Camellias"
10x10, oil on canvas

"Miss January" 
48x30, oil on canvas

"Drops of Gold"
10x10, oil on canvas

"Salt Grass"
48x30, oil on canvas

The painting below "She's Gone" is a wild painting, one of my absolute favorites. This painting proves to myself that I have most definitely become an emotional artist. So much power in the color combinations and bravery in the brush strokes. I am really proud of all I was able to "let go" in order to paint without fear. Someone on Pintrest mentioned it resembles Paul Serusier's "The Talisman". After looking up Paul Serusier and his work I was flattered.  Pretty cool there is an interesting resemblance.

"She's Gone"
 30x40, oil on canvas

March 4, 2012


"Summer Tanager" 
5x7 oil on canvas. 

This brilliant red tanager was a visitor of ours last fall. I am hoping he will be back this year. I had not ever seen this type of bird before so I felt so fortunate that he stuck around for a photo. He was the perfect subject to paint yesterday during the soggy, grey day we had in Charleston. 

I would love to hear about what you may know about this rare beauty! 

February 22, 2012


"Southern Stroll IV"
10x10 oil on canvas.

Where is your favorite place to go for a stroll? 


Yesterday one of my persimmons paintings was featured on the blog Yellow Elm. Yellow Elm is full of romantics and vintage inspirations of all things fashionable. Stop by Elizabeth's Etsy shop for some springtime pick me up. You will find beautiful handmade headbands, broaches and even cards. Oh and did I mention Elizabeth is a fellow South Carolinian (or is it Carolinan or non of the above)? Anyway her headpieces are to cute and her blog if full of eye candy.

                                           Image: Yellow Elm

                                           Image: Yellow Elm

Thank you Elizabeth for this happy treasury!

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February 20, 2012

Violet, you're turning violet!

Southern Stroll III, 10x10
Oil on canvas.

Purple, violet, plum, lilac are all perfect words I could use to describe this painting. How much more obvious can I get? So not to bore you with painting lingo I'll tell you what I really see when I look at this painting...Violet, you're turning violet! Mrs. Beauregarde's (Missi Pyle) famous quote on her daughters unfortunate predicament on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My two year old toddler is crushing on Willy Wonka (Johhny Depp), making my life as a parent incredibly difficult. I find myself saying, sure you can watch Willy Wonka, again and again. Besides the fact I am allowing my daughter to watch Willy Wonka almost daily I am now using Willy Wonka as bribery. We brush our teeth like Willy Wonka does, we eat our veggies like him, we show him how Josie rides her trike and yes we even sit on the potty "like" Willy Wonka does. Josie asks for kisses from Willy Wonka and even wants to share her precious baby with him. Thank goodness I love this movie!

                                          video: YouTube

February 19, 2012

Southern Stroll II

"Southern Stroll II" 10x10
oil on canvas

This version is pretty saturated in hot colors, I must have overcompensated for the rainy gloomy day outside. It reminds me of an August evening in the South.