February 20, 2012

Violet, you're turning violet!

Southern Stroll III, 10x10
Oil on canvas.

Purple, violet, plum, lilac are all perfect words I could use to describe this painting. How much more obvious can I get? So not to bore you with painting lingo I'll tell you what I really see when I look at this painting...Violet, you're turning violet! Mrs. Beauregarde's (Missi Pyle) famous quote on her daughters unfortunate predicament on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My two year old toddler is crushing on Willy Wonka (Johhny Depp), making my life as a parent incredibly difficult. I find myself saying, sure you can watch Willy Wonka, again and again. Besides the fact I am allowing my daughter to watch Willy Wonka almost daily I am now using Willy Wonka as bribery. We brush our teeth like Willy Wonka does, we eat our veggies like him, we show him how Josie rides her trike and yes we even sit on the potty "like" Willy Wonka does. Josie asks for kisses from Willy Wonka and even wants to share her precious baby with him. Thank goodness I love this movie!

                                          video: YouTube

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