February 22, 2012


"Southern Stroll IV"
10x10 oil on canvas.

Where is your favorite place to go for a stroll? 


  1. I am loving your Blog! I am so new to the Blogging world that I'm not even sure how to follow you. LOL. I know you are busy - but I would love any advice on how to amp it up. LOVING your work by the way. Full of personality.

  2. Hey Angie! Thank you for the kind words. I feel the same way about blogging...I am just learning as I go. It has taken me a while to get this far however I have learned from reading tips and pointers from other bloggers I follow. I will do a blog post soon on articles to read and other blogs to follow for help and inspiration! In the mean time enter your email address in the "Register Your Email for Painting Updates" box and you can follow me by clicking on "join this site" under followers. :) xx

  3. I really enjoy this painting. I can feel the refreshing southern breeze and would like to take this stroll!

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