January 11, 2012

"Sweet Scents"
36"x36" oil on canvas.
Available at Michael Mitchel

When I first moved to Charleston 3 years ago the smell of the pluff mud was absolutely horrific to my scenes. I had come from the West growing up in the mountains literally in the pine trees of Montana. To me the smell of fresh air and pine trees was/ is heaven! The pluff mud was stagnant, heavy and much to organic for me. It smelled like compost fresh off the farm that you throw in your garden which is an acquired smell.  Now every time I come home from visiting Montana or wherever my travels may take me I step off the plane into that ohhhh so sweet smell of the pluff mud. Home Sweet Home is Charleston where the salty air mixes with jasmine and the slippery muddy waters of the marsh. Oh yeah and somewhere in there you can smell the fresh pralines moving thru the air from Market Street. 

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