June 29, 2011

Grinnell Lake #6 of 47 Paintings for Hospice

Club 47 #6
5x7", oil on panel.
 $9.40 will be donated to Hospice with the purchase of this painting!

Grinnell Lake in Glacier National Park

I took this photo I think in the summer of 2003. I do know it was August as my family and I were celebrating the life of my grandfather "Stormin' Norman". No I am not the granddaughter of General Schwarzkopf. My grandfather was as most of his friends would say, "One hell of a guy" with a personality as big as the mountains in Glacier. 

This is hands down the most amazing hike I have ever been on. Usually the trails to Grinnell Lake do not open until mid summer and most visitors would plan to hike in August. An interesting read on hiking Glacier is found on Glacier Hikers website. They report that this year as of June 11 there is still snow fall which would indicate the trail is still closed!

Learn more or support Glacier National Park here... http://www.glacierfund.org/index.htm


  1. Wonderful work - reminds me of the Group of Seven.

  2. Victoria Thank You! I am so honored to have you comment on my work and notice! I have followed you on Etsy for a while, you are an amazing artist! Tell me more about the Group of Seven, I am not familiar.