March 29, 2011

Indian Paintbrush on the Missouri by Marissa Vogl

5x7" oil on panel.

I live in South Carolina but my heart will always be Montana. This painting is a view of the Missouri River and the highway that runs through the steep canyon walls. I added red flowers in honor of the Indian Paintbrush found all over Montana. It once was an endangered flower, it still might be I am not sure. It is one of my favorite wildflowers of Montana.

These small daily paintings are many things to me. They push me to "just paint", they are a way for me to study color combination and the way the stroke of the pallete knife or brush affects the painting dynamic. This particular painting started out with a Red Oxide wash which is a translucent paint color that allows for a lot of depth when I allow the oxide to show thru the paint. I then mix the majority of my colors I plan on using before I begin painting. This way I can study the affects of the colors together on my pallete before applying to the actual painting. Using only a pallete knife to apply color I am able to get a lot of texture and movement in the paint that adds to the interest of my work.

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  1. Beautiful painting Marissa - I love the texture you create with your palette knife.

  2. Thank you ladies, this is one of my small studies before going larger. I am working on a series of Montana landscapes to submit to galleries back home. I hope somebody will take me in! :)